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Website as a Central Hub

The project's website acts as the primary platform for sharing information. It introduces team members, details the objectives and goals of the HESCOR project, and presents both interim and final research results. This online presence is essential for keeping both the scientific community and the public informed about the project's progress and findings.

Dissemination of Research Findings

We aim to leverage various communication channels, including blog posts and social media, to publish and spread research findings.
This approach not only informs a broader audience but also fosters engagement with the project's developments.

Data Mangement

A significant aspect of our team is the development and maintenance of a comprehensive database. This database consolidates diverse data types from multiple disciplines involved in the HESCOR project. It serves as a repository for research findings, programming codes, and other relevant materials, ensuring accessibility and reproducibility of scientific work.

Version Control and Software Development

The HESCOR project includes the development of specialized software and program codes to support the research activities. These codes are managed through version control systems, ensuring that updates and modifications are systematically recorded and maintained.

Educational and Collaborative Focus

A key component of this project part is facilitating cross-disciplinary collaboration and providing training in new tools and programming languages. This educational aspect ensures that all team members can effectively contribute to and utilize the project's resources.

Team Members

Schlüter, Philipp

Data Management & Website