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Work Package 2

Human System Model development & human learning

This subproject in the HESCOR initiative is dedicated to integrating key terms from human system analyses into the broader context of human and Earth system coupling. It involves developing and refining methodologies to better understand learning processes within these systems. A significant aspect of this project is to enhance modules related to human system resilience and cultural carrying capacity, advancing our comprehension of human dynamics in relation to Earth systems. This effort exemplifies the project's commitment to interdisciplinary research and innovative approaches in understanding complex system interactions.

Researchers and Principal Investigators

Phone: +49 221 470-4642

E-Mail: roman.bartoschSpamProtectionuni-koeln.de

Department of English 2

Ohrem, Dominik

Researcher WP2

Phone: +49 221 470-4642

English Department II

Schwegler, Carolin

Principal Investigator WP2

+49 221 470-1293 (secretary)

E-Mail: carolin.schweglerSpamProtectionuni-koeln.de

Department of German Language and Literature 1